Harley and Dave have been working together for over 20 years as builders, remodelers and inspectors of homes in the Ithaca area.  You will not find a more friendly, qualified and experienced team to evaluate your home and explain to you its strengths and weaknesses.

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Radon Testing
We are a radon lab, certified by the NYS Dept of Health (NYS DOH lab ID 11904), with results obtained immediately after the 48 hour minimum testing period using continuous radon monitors.
No waiting for results.Radon_testing.html
What to expect at your inspectionWhat_to_expect.html

Our reports:

Easy to understand and handed to you at the inspection, include details on:

▪Roof, vents. flashings and trim

▪Gutters and down spouts

▪Skylight, chimney and other penetrations

▪Decks, porches, walkways and railings

▪Eaves, soffits and facia

▪Grading and drainage

▪Basement, foundation and crawl space

▪Foundations, water penetration

▪Heating and cooling systems

▪Plumbing systems

▪Main water shutoff valves

▪Water heating system

▪Interior plumbing fixtures

▪Drainage, sump pumps

▪Electrical service line and meter box

▪Main disconnect and service amperage

▪Electrical panels, breakers and fuses

▪GFCI's and AFCI's

▪Fireplace damper door and hearth

▪Insulation and ventilation

▪Garage doors, sensors and openers

▪Digital photos upon request

▪      And much more.