What to expect at your home inspection with

Campbell and Davies, LLC

Property transactions run the gamut of conditions and situations, but the following describes a typical experience involving our services. Most of our clients are in the process of buying a single or multi-family home.

After shopping for the right home with (or without) a realtor, the homebuyer usually signs a purchase offer.  The next step is usually for them to call an inspector to inspect the property and provide them with a report to continue their negotiations. 

When we receive the call, we agree on a time and date for the inspection, and our client then informs their realtor or the seller of the appointment.

We send a confirmation email to our client, listing the details of the inspection.  Attached to the email is our standard inspection agreement, which we urge the client to look over ahead of time.

Arriving at the inspection are usually Harley and Dave, our client, and our client’s realtor.  It’s quite common for the client to be out of town, and not present.  Harley and Dave have e-keys allowing them access to the typically marketed home if the realtor is not present. 

After our client signs the inspection agreement, Harley and Dave start together, looking overall at the property, outside and in.  They then separate, Harley to the upper regions and Dave to the lower, filling out the report as they go.  Our client is encouraged to accompany us, asking questions.

When they’re done, all meet, where we go over the report, usually focusing on any deficiencies found.  If the client isn’t present, we send the report and digital photos via email to our client and discuss the report over the phone.

The client then pays by either personal check or cash. The standard fee for 2010 is $350 for a single family home under 2500 square feet, near Ithaca.  The radon test is an additional $100 if performed with an inspection.  (Radon test alone is $125)

After the inspection, Harley and Dave are available to answer by phone the many questions that may arise out of it, occasionally re-visiting the property (usually for a fee) if necessary.

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